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Man delivers Apple Desktop

HardSoft offers four Mac desktops via flexible leasing solutions to Irish Business users.

iMac Leasing; HardSoft offers the latest 2019 model of Apple iMac, available with a 21.5” display, a 21.5" Retina 4K display or the impressively sized 27" iMac featuring the beautifully vivid 5K Retina display. Fitted with 8th Generation processors and ThunderBolt 3 ports along with brighter displays. Thanks to leasing; a brand new iMac makes perfect business sense and is affordable too. The 27-inch iMac with 5K Retina is often essential for the majority of creative professionals. 

Lease the 2018 Apple Mac Mini; this compact machine is efficient, attractive and acts as a flexible alternative to the iMac because it's ready to use right away! It's easy to see why some nice things really do come in small packages. 
The Mac Pro; Originally released in 2013, and re-released with a specification upgrade in 2016, this Mac is both incredibly powerful and entirely expandable. Packed with options: Like 64GB of RAM, Dual graphics capabilities, Flash storage and beautifully unique design it's easy to see why many consider it to be the ultimate model of Workstation computer commercially available. Choose from six to twelve cores of processing power. Lease your Mac Pro today to get three years free warranty and support. 

Lease an iMac Pro today; The biggest Apple release of 2017, the iMac Pro is created by creatives for creatives. With anywhere between 8 and 18 processing cores, up to 128GB of RAM and the award-winning 5k Retina display, the iMac pro is the premier choice when it comes to performance. With reports from our customers stating that it handles intensive tasks over 100% faster than the iMac, it's a seriously good machine. Lease today and receive the same fantastic warranty available on our other lease plans ensuring that beautiful space grey finish never fades. 

Rent an Apple desktop with a HardSoft Lease and get more than you bargained for as all HardSoft leases come with; 3 years inclusive warranty, telephone technical support and spread your costs over three years. keeping cash in your business. 

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