Apple Mac Pro - 6-Core (with options to 12-Cores)

Apple Mac Pro - 6-Core (with options to 12-Cores)

Apple Mac Pro - 6-Core (with options to 12-Cores) Click to enlarge

 Mac Pro leasing comes with great service

Quad core not fast enough to run your software? Then you can jump to a 3.5 GHz six-core Intel Xeon E5 CPU with 12 MB of L3 cache (up to 3.9 GHz when turbo-boosted), with dual AMD FirePro D500 3GB or D700 graphics with 6GB of GDDR5 VRAM each, and the same 256GB of storage - hire one to spread the cost and make the unaffordable, affordable. 6-Cores not fast enough? Then lease the Mac Pro 8 and 12-core E5 CPU on a HardSoft flexible lease. Leasing from HardSoft is just like a mobile phone contract - just two years into the three year lease you can Renew and upgrade to a new Apple Mac Pro; whilst keeping the old kit and keeping within your budget. If you are thinking that the quad core may not be powerful enough for your needs, this Mac Pro will be able to run that RAM-intensive software with even more ease. If you are a Games Developer, Multimedia Editor or an Architect looking to be able to run 3D modelling or high resolution editing software, this is the Mac for you.

Apple Mac Pro Six-Core Specs
3.5GHz - Six Core CPU
256GB PCIe internal storage
Dual AMD FirePro D500 Graphics (3GB)
macOS Sierra & iWork
Apple Keyboard with numeric keypad & wired Apple Mouse

3 years 'Collect & Return' Warranty
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Fine Print

Once you have chosen your device click on the 'ADD TO BASKET' where you will need to complete the lease application. We will then make a Credit Check and then deliver as a PDF the lease contract for you to sign and return. Upon receipt of the signed paperwork we will then deliver the next day. If you need a faster delivery we can deliver and collect the paperwork at the same time.

All offers are subject to credit status (BUSINESS USERS ONLY) and an identity fraud check and HardSoft Ltd and its agents will make enquiries to verify the information to enable fair consideration of the application. The lender reserves the right to decline an application. Please see the Citizens Advice Bureau page on 'How lenders decide whether to give you credit' for further information on this topic, including steps you may wish to take if your application is refused.

All prices exclude VAT and are quoted per week based on a three year agreement that offers ownership at the expiry for a nominal figure. PC Customers can renew their agreement after 18 months. Apple Mac customers can renew after 24 months or cancel the agreement at this point.