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IT leasing reinvented.....

Businesses are keen to discern the dissimilarities between traditional leasing and Device as a Service. Our solution, Devices for Teams, redefines the concept of leasing! Bid farewell to the cumbersome paperwork and extraneous expenses and instead opt for our comprehensive and versatile end-to-end DaaS solution.

At Devices for Teams, we acknowledge the significance of flexibility, affordability, swiftness, and transparency, whether you manage the tech, finance, or HR department. Our offering provides a cost-effective means of deploying the latest technology to your teams, while also affording you the ability to add, switch or return devices, thus enabling you to scale up or down as per your needs.

Additionally, we will assist you by supporting, pre-configuring, and managing your devices, allowing you to concentrate on the operational aspects of your business.


Multiple solutions which are flexible and affordable 

We have developed two solutions, Devices for Essential Teams and Devices for Premium Teams, catering to businesses of all sizes seeking affordability and flexibility over a 3-year lifecycle.

Inclusive support with every device 

Our solutions come equipped with our comprehensive Gold 360° Support for every device, providing a three-year hardware warranty, loan devices, and a ticket-based Helpdesk. You can also choose to upgrade to our Platinum tier for greater control over the devices.

Repurpose your devices for new users 

Revitalise your unused devices with our Boomerang service. Simply return the devices to us, and we will sanitise them and redeploy them for new starters and freelancers.

We're partners with the biggest names in the industry 

We provide cutting-edge software solutions that facilitate efficiency, collaboration, and security for your business and employees, using the latest high-end technology.

Carbon Offset or Trade-in your devices for greener outcomes 

Our assistance will aid you in the journey towards achieving Net Zero. This can be accomplished by offsetting the carbon emissions of your current devices or by accepting your outdated computers in exchange for newer alternatives.



One we receive your order we will then request from you a copy of your Passport or Driver’s license. We may require some additional information to have your application approved.
1. Proof of home address 2. Proof of Business address 3. Proof of PPS Number 
The VAT will be paid by our  Irish Direct debit collector when the equipment arrives in Ireland. If our courier, DHL ask you for payment please let us know as we will need to correct this so you are not mistakenly charged.
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