HP Desktop Leasing and Hire in ireland

If you prefer a Windows computer over an Apple Mac then why not look at what HP has to offer. We have a range of HP Desktops available for leasing that is perfect for your business needs and will complement your office space perfectly. Better still with a HardSoft lease, you can benefit from 3 years warranty, guaranteed ownership and the leasing process is extremely easy thanks to all-new E-Sign paperwork. 

Need help deciding what the perfect computer is for you and your business? We also have desktops from Lenovo, Microsoft and Dell to name a few. Give us a call or start a live chat with one of us online now.

Your regular payments will be subject to VAT at the local rate and reclaimable in the normal way. 
Our carrier DHL will demand the full import VAT upon delivery. This could be several hundred Euros. You will need to pay this; though is reclaimable in the normal way.
HardSoft solutions in the EU are only available to VAT registered businesses. We will require your EORI number before shipping within the EU.


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